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Some advise on rescheduling your wedding

What a crazy time we are living through right now. It’s so strange that we are faced with some extraordinary compromises. Of course one decision a lot of couples are facing is whether or not they should reschedule their Wedding Day. So many questions? Is it safe to have a wedding then? Numbers …… DO we need to change?
How long do we wait to get married, 6 months, a year , 18 months?

Sure if only we had a genie and a lamp but we don’t – I have a little advise for couples going through this anxious confusion at the moment —

Tips for Postponing your wedding:
1. I have had this chat with so many couples and the most difficult decision is to actually reschedule. It’s amazing, you will feel so relieved once the decision is made.
2. Chat with your wedding coordinator and pick 2 or 3 dates that you are happy with
3. Chat with all of your suppliers and hopefully most of them will be available for one of the dates – If not they will guide you in the direction of one of their piers who will help you. As a professional in the Wedding Industry we know so many suppliers and we know who to recommend.
5. So your new date is confirmed and you are happy with it and all your suppliers, now mark your original date with a special memory. Maybe have zoom ceremony, with a celebrant in an online commitment – with the rings and champers! Nothing like having two wedding anniversaries! 2020 will never be forgotton so have this celebration and it will be something to tell your Grandchildren!

This is an emotional rollcoaster so whatever you decide to do you will feel up and down. Keep your circle of life positive and take it step by step. Replanning your wedding again is certainly unprecedented and Balla Florists sincerely empathise with you all.

There will be so many ways you can celebrate your occasion. Some are becoming virtually creative whilst others will celebrate with 2 or 3 people. Keep your chin up – Your day will be beautiful xxxxxxx

Love from Balla Florists