Wedding cake or dessert table

Are you thinking of doing something a little bit different for your upcoming wedding?

Have you decided on a wedding cake or dessert table, there are so many options available it’s a difficult choice.

Wedding cakes have become a thing of beauty – an artistic masterpiece and sometimes an engineering wonder.  I love these unfrosted cakes decorated with fruit and flowers.  They are so pretty and I think your guests would love to see something different.  Its also a lighter choice to offer after large meal

That said I couldn’t pass this frosted cake decorated with a light brush of gold, flowers and fruit – how could you resist a little gold??? And remember your wedding cake doesn’t have to be tier upon tier – sometimes less really is more

If you decide to do something different and steer clear of the traditional wedding cake, a dessert table is a great alternative.  It will look fantastic and your guests will love it.  Be creative and mix your favourite cakes, desserts, cupcakes and sweet treats.  Use a mix match of cake plates, tiered cake stands, glass and silver bowls of sweets.  Decorate the table collection of small vases with little bunches of flowers and some tea light holders around the table to add some colour and interest.

Bunting also looks great as a backdrop to decorate your dessert table,  you can also get miniature bunting and flags to stick in cupcakes or on a cake.  They add a fun element for your guests in admiring and choosing their dessert.

I love this dessert table, its so different and uses a collection of different cake plates to display its offerings.

So the question still remains – a wedding cake or dessert table.  I don’t think I’ve helped you out with the decision – I like both equally.  Whichever way you decide to go click on the link below to see our range of cake plates and tiered cake stands.

Should you have any queries in relation to wedding décor or if you would like to discuss your wedding decoration ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0860409854 or by email


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